The new GFF Data Portal has been developed in close collaboration with GFF partner countries. This online platform provides transparent, user-friendly access to RMNCAH-N, health systems, and financing data for 36 countries to help facilitate use of the data for decision making related to policy, planning, and implementation purposes.

The tool is part of the GFF’s relentless focus on results and an approach to results measurement that builds upon, aligns with, and aims to contribute to strengthening country’s own data systems, sources, and capacities. Through this partnership-based approach, the GFF supports countries to strengthen their analytical capacity and use data for decision-making at multiple levels. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 began, the GFF has prioritized helping countries strengthen the way they are monitoring the delivery of essential health services and using data to safeguard and strengthen service delivery.

The data portal comprises the most recent data from three primary sources :

  1. Output data collected on a quarterly basis by the GFF Secretariat.
  2. Outcome data collected from each GFF partner country annually from health and financial information systems including publicly available World Bank project data.
  3. Impact data collected from population-based surveys and the Systems of Health Accounts for expenditure data.

For more information on the indicator definitions and data sources please visit the following link :